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From Skeptic to Believer.

*Thank you to Jenny, from Lisle, IL, for sharing your ‘Pay It Forward’ experience!* Hello Chain Links, I would like to begin by admitting that I have seen this group on facebook… and I’m not going to lie, at first I was a little skeptical. Mostly because I believe everyone should do random acts of... Read more »

Be the change you want to see in the world. Literally.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” -Oscar Wilde- What if one person really could change the world?  I think most of us wish we could help make the world a better place, but don’t know where to start. Believe me, I have used every excuse in the book. “But... Read more »

Pay It Forward Concept.

Check out the inspiration behind the movement! If you have not had the chance to watch the movie, “Pay It Forward,” watch this short clip. It will briefly explain the concept of Chain Links. To view: Copy/Paste the following link: