Traveling Mercies.

Hello all,

I wanted to share a story that happened a couple of weeks ago that had a positive effect on me. My husband and I were driving from Washington DC to Ft. Myers, Florida.  Since we were driving straight through we had to stop for dinner and did so in Fayettville, NC.  I have a food allergy and am always worried when eating out. However, we needed to eat so we took the chance.  We decided on the restaurant and in we went.

We were seated in a section and our waiters name was Chris. I told him about my food allergy and he said, "I'll take care of you and make sure everything is OK for you to eat.  My girlfriend has your same allergy and I cook for her sometimes."  After taking our order Chris, our waiter, came back to our table and continued to talk.  He said his girlfriend also has diabetes and at times she ignores both her allergy and her diabetes.  I told him our son has multiple allergies and his girlfriend also needs to be aware of prescription medication that has our particular food allergy.  Chris related to us that he served in the military in Iraq and was now in school to become a nurse.  He said there was a website regarding natural treatments in place of some prescription medication and would look it up in a few minutes when he had time so we could give it to our son.

Having had this food allergy for more than 10 years, I was aware of a few cookbooks that have recipes for both the allergy and diabetes.  When he came back to the table I gave him $30 to buy a cookbook under the directions that he "Pay it Forward" when and only when he could afford it.  My husband questioned my act and I told him there are but a few people who would go so out of their way to help someone and by having Chris "Pay it Forward" it would eventually help a lot of people in the long run.

A couple of weeks after that incident, I was in church for Sunday mass.  The sermon was about helping others.  The priest said, "Sin is not always about doing what you shouldn't.... it's mostly about doing what you should do and choose not to."

*Paula-- Birmingham, MI

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