B96 Jingle Bash 2012 at Allstate Arena on December 15, 2012

B96 held its annual Jingle Bash at the Allstate Arena, featuring Justin Bieber, Afrojack, Pitbull, Carly Rae Jepsen, PSY, Cody Simpson, Calvin Harris, Ryan Beatty, and Austin Mahone. The soldout show also showcased the remix talents of B96 deejays Flipside, Metro and Spin.

Despite high fan anticipation for Bieber, whose impending appearance intermittently flashed on an overhead screen throughout (as did every other performers but with a little less arousal), PSY (birth name Park Jae-sang), the Korean hip-hop entertainer and whose YouTube video "Gangnam Style" surpassed Bieber's "Baby" with the most views,  proved the best performance of the night.

Audience members around me were taking bets beforehand as to whether he'd performed the song the twice. In fact, one fan tweeted that she wished the artist would have!


All photos shot by Cindy Barrymore

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