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How to tell if a job candidate really knows their stuff

  How do I know if a candidate is really good at their job?? As a recruiter it can be challenging for me to decipher if my candidate is really good at what they do. I am not an expert in their field. I am not an IT expert nor a finance or accounting professional... Read more »

Employers Stop Paying for Health Insurance - A New Way to Increase Hiring and Reduce Unemployment

There is a lot of discussion of the pro and cons of Obamacare or what is also known as The Affordable Care Act. I am not going to debate this still evolving health care plan here but I do want to discuss  what I feel is a bigger and more important issue: The cost of... Read more »

Your Job Search Clock vs. Real Time Elapsed – Surviving the gap

Those of you who have conducted a job search – especially when unemployed – may likely hear a ticking of the clock in your ear. It can show up when you really want the world to move FAST and get that job offer but it just doesn’t. I want to work again. I want to... Read more »

The Online Job Application Black Hole – Part 2

Get ready. The following will help you avoid falling into the online job application black hole in the first place or if you have fallen into the online job application black hole and cannot get up then how to build a ladder and climb up to safety. Let’s be critical – it can be fun.... Read more »

The Online Job Application Black Hole – Part 1

A black hole is a region of spacetime from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping. If you have applied to a job posted online you likely know what I mean. (see above) Filling out the all the required fields is painful and then praying and sweating that you will not get disconnected during the process and have... Read more »