I have always been interested in careers and the workplace. In high school I had a delivery job and when I would arrive at an office building to scroll through the building directory looking for the recipient I thought to myself, “what do all these people do?” “what is EMK Ltd. N.A. LLC anyway?”

You might ask, what expertise do you have, Scott? What makes you an expert? Well, by no grand design I have had a few careers and made a lot of mistakes. But I got educated through some career boo-boos.

Yes, there are those who have had one career and is a master of the universe in their own area of expertise with a bulging bank account to match but are they necessarily a good career adviser? Likely no. They haven’t had to learn from prior mistakes.

I currently operate a recruitment / search firm called Green Group Search. www.greengroupsearch.com. I also consult and do project work for major businesses in the Chicago Area executing candidate sourcing and recruitment processing and marketing.