A Book you Need for Online Job-Hunting

The latest edition of WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE? GUIDE TO JOB-HUNTING ONLINE (Ten Speed Press, 2011) co-authored by Mark Emery Bolles and Richard Nelson Bolles is here. If the tag name sounds familiar, it should.  WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE empire has been providing essential information and up to date resources for those seeking their next opportunity. 

This guide provides an easy to read and digest book on simple, medium and advanced levels of utilizing on line tools in your job hunt.  It is a one stop shop for those in the hunt for their next career adventure.  The Bolles cover many topics including: resumes, research and job boards.  Rather then try to cover every notable tip, trick, resource or comment I am going to hit three of my favorites. 

First, Chapter 2 pg. 34 "Beyond Aggregating" introduces Linkup and craigslist.   I had heard of Linkup but did not realize its purpose and it is an important one. It will aggregate listings from company website job boards and skip the "Supersites".  Craigslist has a wealth of jobs for every one so this should not be missed.  And they have lots of temporary, seasonal and ways to pick up some spending/pay the bills listings  as well as traditional employment. 

Second favorite takeaway from the book is found in Chapter 3, pg. 43.  In the "Online Testing: Career Interests" section it introduces tests and resources to provide the tests but that is not my favorite component.  It is the text box at the bottom on the page that points out these tools should be utilized as instruments versus tests as they cannot be failed.  Yep, you cannot fail a personality or career interest inventory or skill preferences test so you can put that thought out of your head. 

The third and my favorite takeaway from this guide is found in Chapter 4, pg 68 and the section is titled "Using Word Clouds". I had seen these and always thought they were creative and yet I did not realize how they could be so useful for the job search.  And I certainly was not familiar with the various resource tools out there to create these clouds. When you are in the search it is essential to customize your cover letter and resume for each job you are going to submit yourself for.  This makes all of the sense in the world but it is exhausting to think about, write about here and the and then to do. 

I do believe this is a book well worth its purchase price if you are in the job hunt. Better yet by a copy for someone else in the hunt today.  Whether you are a new graduate or someone looking for months this book might just turn it around for you.

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