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Why the Bulls Lost

Why the Bulls Lost
Granted, I’m no expert nor am I a regular sports fan but I do remember the halcyon days of Michael Jordan.  Those were the days when I would throw all work/responsibilities aside to give my whole-hearted attention to the game. Lately, I’ve been following this series the best I can.  I love Joakim Noah and... Read more »

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto received lots of wedding gifts but NONE like this one!

Upper Deck's one-of-a-kind wedding gift for the Jordans.
The Michael Jordan/Yvette Prieto nuptials are history now with the lovebirds back in their 35,000′ ft. nest in the elegant Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida.  Guests are still talking about the wedding tent,  which, according to my sources, was one of the world’s largest at 40,000′ ft!  It was even bigger than their house!  I... Read more »