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With the flick of a wand, my love for books was born

This image and a feature article about our Potter collection appeared in Fine Books & Collections Magazine.
It all began on a snowy afternoon in New York in the salesroom of Sotheby’s. We were in the Big Apple for a party but, since Chuck and I both love books and auctions in particular, we thought we would pop in for the preview. Little did I know, my life would change that day... Read more »

MCA benefit art auction largest in Museum's 48 year history

A view of the striped dining tent created by HMR Designs.
Can you imagine walking into the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art’s galleries and seeing breathtaking artwork hanging on the walls that you can TAKE HOME?! Well, that was exactly what happened for the MCA’s annual benefit art auction for those lucky guests with extra coins in their pockets. More than 500 attended this event that... Read more »