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The Mallards of Menomonee: A Fairytale Ending Thanks to Old Town Neighbors

Cooling off and resting in an Old Town garage.
The day began rather unremarkably for a June summer day, hot and humid with no chance of rain.  So Chuck and I began our daily ritual of watering.  Pretty soon we noticed a contingent of neighbors gathering around the side of a building.  We ambled over to find them staring in awe and wonder at... Read more »

Palmer House Party Celebrates Chicago Magazine's "Belle of the Blog"

With blog party co-hosts Rich Gamble, Publisher of Chicago Magazine, Cindy Burns and David Brandt, Director of Catering for the Palmer House. Chicago Magazine, the Palmer House and friend Cindy Burns co-hosted a party in Lockwood Restaurant to celebrate my March Chicago Magazine feature, “Belle of the Blog.”  It was so much fun and I... Read more »