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The Mallards of Menomonee: A Fairytale Ending Thanks to Old Town Neighbors

Cooling off and resting in an Old Town garage.
The day began rather unremarkably for a June summer day, hot and humid with no chance of rain.  So Chuck and I began our daily ritual of watering.  Pretty soon we noticed a contingent of neighbors gathering around the side of a building.  We ambled over to find them staring in awe and wonder at... Read more »

Love and Happy Easter!

Flowers are blooming all over Old Town! Spring is in the air, the birds are going crazy and the photo is proof that we are going to have a beautiful spring!   Hope you all have a safe, happy and blessed Easter with your family and friends!  Candace :-))))

Christmas in Chicago!

A charming fisherman’s cottage in the Old Town Triangle decked out for the holidays. Chicago is one of my favorite spots during the holidays.  The city is dressed to the nines with sparkling lights everywhere you look.  Check out these charming sights of the city and see if you don’t agree! 

Old Town Triangle's Fall Hoe Down and Chili Cookoff Party

Winners Lucy Baldwin and Lucy Wojis with Michael Warnick and Shirley Baugher. The weather is turning cool, people are collecting wood for their fireplaces and the gentle folk of the Old Town Triangle hosted their annual Chili Cook-Off/Fall Hoe Down party last night!  It was a true family affair organized by the “Mayor” of Old... Read more »

Jerry Kleiner's "33 Club" Opens in Old Town!

33 Club’s main dining area. Last night was the grand opening of Jerry Kleiner’s latest restaurant, 33 Club, at 1419 N. Wells St.  It was particularly cool for us because this building used to house my hubby’s advertising agency!  Jerry walked us through the place and every detail was perfection as only Jerry does.  There... Read more »


Corinne Melchior’s flag cake. It was a day to spend with friends and family and BBQ!  The flags were out in full force in Old Town and these are some of the sights of the day….Let me know what you did to celebrate!!!!