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My Holiday Gratitude Journal--Top 25 Picks

My Holiday Gratitude Journal--Top 25 Picks
I love anyone and anything with a positive message. There’s enough madness and sadness in the world so we sure don’t need more of that. Oprah had the right idea with her Gratitude Journal and America’s Pastor, Joel Osteen, always delivers a feel-good message on Sunday mornings to his over 7 million followers. I never... Read more »

Chicago Tribune's Blue Sky Innovation Launch Party

Jane Hirt, Joycelyn Winnecke and Gerould Kern celebrate at Blue Sky Launch
The Chicago Tribune hosted a launch party for Blue Sky Innovation,  its premium website and newsletter aimed at the growing community of innovation-minded professionals in the Chicago area on January 29.   The site will serve as a gathering place for news, analysis and events related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The party, held at River... Read more »

The Stanley Paul Foundation Benefit: An Unforgettable Night with Friends (Video)

With Rhonda Sanderson, Helen Melchior, Joycelyn Winnecke, Leslie Hindman, Donna LaPietra and Bill Zwecker
I’ve never done this before so please forgive me, but I’m writing about the recent Stanley Paul- Raelene Mittelman Scholarship Benefit. Why you ask do I beg forgiveness? Because, this year, I was the evening’s honoree and it was such a wonderful night with so many friends who turned out that I would like to... Read more »

A Wonderful Offer for People Who Love to Read: The Chicago Tribune's Printers Row Program

A Wonderful Offer for People Who Love to Read:  The Chicago Tribune's Printers Row Program
Six months ago, the Chicago Tribune proudly launched Printers Row, a membership program for those who love books, authors and conversations about the ideas they generate.  This Sunday, they offered readers a special eight page sample tucked inside the Sunday section (where Candid Candace’s column also appears)!  🙂 Beginning this week, they are offering even... Read more »