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My Assignment: Write about Writing

My Assignment: Write about Writing
When Chicago Now Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield says “jump”, all of the 400+ CN bloggers ask “how high?”  So it is with our latest assignment (which is never mandatory, but merely a suggestion): to write about writing and share our processes.  Everyone has different methods for writing, getting in the mood to write and then... Read more »

To Blog or Not to Blog--Holiday Tips from an expert (not me)

To Blog or Not to Blog--Holiday Tips from an expert (not me)
I just read the weekly email from Chicago Now’s Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield.  In it, he spoke about the reality of trying to blog/write with holiday doldrums, which are real and a casualty of the season.  He says there are two kinds of bloggers, those who blog and those who don’t–nothing in between.  “The holiday... Read more »

Chicago Now Blathering 2014 brings romantic surprise at Reverie

Chicago Now bloggers
Every year around this time, Chicago Now bloggers gather together to celebrate the holidays, friendship and blogging (not necessarily in this order).  It’s called a “blathering” and all of the CN bloggers are invited.  This year, our fun-filled group of writers met up at Reverie, 414 N. Orleans, a hotspot owned by beloved sportscasters Lou... Read more »

A Love Letter to Chicago Now (plus CN Holiday Party pics!)

In 2009, when Chicago Now was created, who could’ve imagined how big and how popular this blogging platform would become?   Bill Adee, Tribune Digital Guru, handpicked five local bloggers to begin this journey that now includes more than 400 active blogs.  Collectively, these bloggers get millions of page views each month and dozens of them... Read more »

A Wonderful Offer for People Who Love to Read: The Chicago Tribune's Printers Row Program

A Wonderful Offer for People Who Love to Read:  The Chicago Tribune's Printers Row Program
Six months ago, the Chicago Tribune proudly launched Printers Row, a membership program for those who love books, authors and conversations about the ideas they generate.  This Sunday, they offered readers a special eight page sample tucked inside the Sunday section (where Candid Candace’s column also appears)!  Beginning this week, they are offering even MORE... Read more »

Chicago Now Bloggers Toast the Season at Justin's

Brendan Tripp, Dan Raspatello, Jen Knoedl, Jack Silverstein and Nikki Knepper
It is a BIG community of bloggers at ChicagoNow.  It didn’t start out this way.  In the beginning, there were only five  but as time wore on, Chicago Now guru/fearless leader, Jimmy Greenfield,  brought on 100′s of talented bloggers who write about every topic imaginable.   Recently we had a get-together, a “blathering” if you will,... Read more »

My Number One Holiday Gift Choice for Cubs Fans!

My Number One Holiday Gift Choice for Cubs Fans!
I am happy to say our fearless leader on Chicago Now, Jimmy Greenfield has written a book!  It is, in my opinion, the perfect gift for Cubs fans! Jimmy has been a longtime Cub’s fan….one could say fanatic,  so as I delved deeper into the book’s description,  I find out that this 300 page book... Read more »

Blogging: What's it All About?

Blogging:  What's it All About?
Blogging, what’s it all about Alfie?  This is what zillions of people are wondering around the globe now, during a time, when even your cat has his own website.  I sure don’t have the answers….I am still trying to get that elusive “K” next to my likes (which means you have 1000 people who like... Read more »

The Chicago Tribune has a New Social Columnist!!!!

And it’s MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!   I am so excited!  This Sunday was my third column for the Chicago Tribune.  Their last full-time columnist was my dear friend Lucinda Hahn whose last column, “Toast of the Town“, appeared in 2004 or early 2005.   I got to know Lucinda when she wrote my Chicago Magazine feature, “Belle of the... Read more »

My Favorite Photo Memories of 2010

My Chicago Magazine feature was definitely a year’s highlight! The City of Big Shoulders had busy feet visiting the many fundraisers, cocktail parties, soirees, get-togethers, galas, launches, previews, openings, meet-and-greets, luncheons, dinners, events, fests and weddings that took place this year.  There were so many moments that will never be forgotten with friends that I... Read more »