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Reflections on 28 years of marriage

Reflections on 28 years of marriage
Today, July 21, Chuck and I are celebrating 28 years of wedded bliss. And I know this seems like a cliche, but I can truly only remember one argument we’ve ever had and that was very early in our marriage. I threw Chuck a surprise birthday party not knowing how much this sort of thing... Read more »

1st Annual "Who Is Chicago" Party Honors 10 (Video & Pics)

“Who Is Chicago” 2010 honorees. Cuvee, the hot nightclub at 308 W. Erie, was the site for the 1st Annual “Who Is Chicago” event hosted by Raymi Productions’ Cece & Melinda and CS Magazine this week.  The dynamic duo of Cece Gonzalez and Melinda Joseph organized the party and selected the 10 honorees who are... Read more »

Christmas in Chicago!

A charming fisherman’s cottage in the Old Town Triangle decked out for the holidays. Chicago is one of my favorite spots during the holidays.  The city is dressed to the nines with sparkling lights everywhere you look.  Check out these charming sights of the city and see if you don’t agree! 

Celeb Spotting at the Drake Hotel!

John Travolta with his sisters at the Drake Hotel this weekend.   Look who was in town this Sunday at the Drake Hotel!  John Travolta had lunch with his look-a-like sisters and then toured the hotel with Palm Court Manager, Shaun Rajah. Shaun knew he loved airplanes so he showed him the miniature planes in the windows of Mangel’s... Read more »