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My Assignment: Write about Writing

My Assignment: Write about Writing
When Chicago Now Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield says “jump”, all of the 400+ CN bloggers ask “how high?”  So it is with our latest assignment (which is never mandatory, but merely a suggestion): to write about writing and share our processes.  Everyone has different methods for writing, getting in the mood to write and then... Read more »

Everyone deals with fear: This is how I made it work for me

Everyone deals with fear:  This is how I made it work for me
Every so often, we receive commandments from the Chicago Now Mount (Jimmy Greenfield, our much loved Content Manager) to publish a post in an hour and he provides the topic.  Tonight the topic was “Write about fear, or lack thereof, and the role it has played in any aspect of your life.”  Well, he hit... Read more »

2012 International Hunter/Jumper Derby: See Poetry in Motion on

Come along for the ride as I travel to Annali Farms in Antioch for the 4th Annual Chicago Hunter Derby sponsored by Canadian National.  This event, hosted by Chicago Equestrians for a Cause (and founded by Margaret Benjamin),  benefitted the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the University of Chicago Cancer Research... Read more »