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What it's like to reshoot a Playboy Magazine cover, 38 years later!

A shot from my Dec. 1979 centerfold shoot that was taken at photographer Richard Fegley's house in Chicago. His wife served me lunch.
I was floored when I opened the email. It read (in part), “I’m a photo editor on Playboy’s digital team. I’m working on an exciting new project, alongside the Playboy team and Cooper Hefner, for Playboy.com— and we thought this was a wonderful way for you to be involved. Hugh Hefner created the Playmate with... Read more »

New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion will have a little something special this year! (PICS!)

With fellow Playmates Marcy Hanson, Hope Olson and Patti McGuire Connors at a NYE party past at the Mansion.
I’ve always quivered with excitement whenever I would receive an elegant, oversized party invitation from Hef (Hugh Hefner) at the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills.  But times have changed for all of us, even Hef!  Lately, his invites have been evites but received with no less excitement!  I love looking through all of  his past... Read more »

Color me Coral! Inside the CAMP Cosmetics Photo Shoot (Video)

When CAMP Cosmetics named a lipstick after me (Candid Candace), I thought I would faint!  Here is a video of the ad campaign shot by photographer Amie Hana, courtesy of Michigan Avenue Magazine!  I hope you enjoy it!!  (For more info, please click here!)

Playboy's Hugh Hefner Engaged to Crystal Harris, AGAIN!

Playboy's Hugh Hefner Engaged to Crystal Harris, AGAIN!
I guess it was bound to happen.  I figured since Crystal Harris, Hef’s runaway almost-bride, had moved back into the Mansion that he had forgiven her for the past, namely the highly publicized jilt at the altar in June 2012. And, sure enough,  around Christmas, Hef (89) popped the question again to Crystal (29) and... Read more »

Candid Candace's Exclusive Kendra Interview on Watch312.com!

Candid Candace's Exclusive Kendra Interview on Watch312.com!
“Hank and I had sex on the staircase today.  Right there,  flat-out spontaneous sex with our clothes mostly still on.  Steps digging into my back, the banister acting as a bedpost.  It was quick and skillful.”  So goes the opening to Kendra’s latest book,  “Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails & Getting My Sexy Back.”  Does she... Read more »

Candid Candace Coming to Windy City Live: The REAL Playboy Bunny Life

Candid Candace Coming to Windy City Live:  The REAL Playboy Bunny Life
With all of the hoopla concerning the upcoming “The Playboy Club” show and now news that there might be a Playboy Club at the spot that currently houses Il Mulino Restaurant, Windy City Live  has asked me to come on to talk about my experiences as a Playboy Bunny. I hope you can check out... Read more »

What do YOU Think about Hef and Crystal Harris' Engagement?

Hefner and Crystal’s 2010 Christmas e-card image. I posted the news on Facebook shortly after I was told about Hef’s Christmas Day engagement to December 2009 Playmate, Crystal Harris.  Hef is 84 and Crystal is 24.  Granted, this is quite a big age difference but I say if these two are happy with this announcement, why should... Read more »