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Behind the scenes at my New York Magazine Playboy photo shoot

My NY Mag image.
We shot the feature in February!  I was sure it was trashed and would never see the light of day.  Six former Playboy Playmates were flown to New York to shoot with world famous photographer Nadav Kander for a New York Magazine shoot.  The article would revisit six Playmates:  Dolores Del Monte, Miss March 1954... Read more »

Glamourcon 57: Playboy Playmates, pin-ups and a visit with Hef

With Monique St. Pierre (PMOY 1976), Hef, Patti McGuire Connors (PMOY 1977).
Glamourcon is described as a “celebration and marketplace of the glamour arts.”  It features dozens of Playboy Playmates from 6 decades as well as many other past and present glamour and pin-up models.  As Playboy’s December 1979 centerfold, I’ve attended quite a few of these get-togethers which, for me, is not only a chance to... Read more »

I took my Playboy memorabilia to the Antiques Roadshow

Taking my Playboy memorabilia to the Antiques Roadshow in Chicago.  The first time in ten years the show has been in the Windy City!
It’s been ten long years since Antiques Roadshow was in Chicago and it took less than an hour for it to sell out completely!  We were watching PBS when the offer came up during its fundraising segment.  Our fingers flew to the phone and, as luck would have it, we were able to purchase two... Read more »

Memorial Day in Small Town USA: What I Miss about Dupo, Illinois

Brendan Beyer, Austin Ramey, Erin Pulcher and Jodie McKnight
I love living in Chicago but I get very nostalgic around the holidays for my hometown of Dupo, Illinois.   It’s the summer celebrations, like Memorial Day, that really make me wistful for days gone by in this small railroad town of 3000 people set near the banks of the Mississippi River in Southern Illinois.  And... Read more »

Rachel Pomplun: Playboy picks its first Mexican-American Playmate of the Year (VIDEO!)

PMOY 2013 Rachel Pomplun
Congrats to Rachel Pomplun for winning the Playboy Playmate of the Year title as the first Mexican American centerfold!  Fellow Playmate Dianne Chandler, attended this year’s PMOY party at the Mansion in LA on May 16 and shared the story with me. For many of the guests, the day began with a trolley ride from... Read more »

New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion will have a little something special this year! (PICS!)

With fellow Playmates Marcy Hanson, Hope Olson and Patti McGuire Connors at a NYE party past at the Mansion.
I’ve always quivered with excitement whenever I would receive an elegant, oversized party invitation from Hef (Hugh Hefner) at the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills.  But times have changed for all of us, even Hef!  Lately, his invites have been evites but received with no less excitement!  I love looking through all of  his past... Read more »

White House Holiday Party Creates Lasting Memories for Chicago Family

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama welcome guests at a White House holiday party
If you’ve ever been to RL Restaurant, you would know Rich Varnes, the charming general manager there since 2001.  His friendly face has greeted everyone from Oprah to Justin Bieber at this much loved spot on Chicago Avenue.   So it was no surprise that he would also have the opportunity to meet Valerie Jarrett, President... Read more »

Color me Coral! Inside the CAMP Cosmetics Photo Shoot (Video)

When CAMP Cosmetics named a lipstick after me (Candid Candace), I thought I would faint!  Here is a video of the ad campaign shot by photographer Amie Hana, courtesy of Michigan Avenue Magazine!  I hope you enjoy it!!  (For more info, please click here!)

CAMP Cosmetics Creates Candid Candace Lipstick!

CAMP Cosmetics Creates Candid Candace Lipstick!
I had never met CAMP Cosmetics founder Michael Perich before he contacted me in July and asked if I would be interested in having a lipstick named after me, Candid Candace.  Hello, HELL yes!  So, he sent me a jillion shades of my signature color, coral, and I chose my favorite.  Now, Candid Candace, is... Read more »

The Naked Truth: Partying with Playboy can be FUN!

With the holiday invitations starting to arrive, it gave me pause to think back about some of my favorite parties.  Obviously, with my rich Playboy history, thoughts turned to Hugh Hefner ( Hef).  And even though he’s not as young as he used to be, his parties continue to be legendary.  From the recent reports... Read more »