And the winner wasn't: My take on Oscars 2017

Everyone has an opinion about the Oscars so here's mine. Overall, I thought it was a great show! I loved Jimmy Kimmel and thought he kept the political comments to an amusing level. I also loved the drama that ended the production. I felt a little sorry for Warren Beatty but he's been in this business a long, long time and, if he had doubts like he said he did, then I would've stopped to check with someone. This moment was supposed to be something the winner would never forget and they won't, but sadly, probably largely for the wrong reasons. And where the hell did Dunaway go? What a weasel. At least Warren stood there and took his knocks and tried to explain. I give him credit for that.

I loved most of the Oscar fashions even though I missed the craziness of someone like singer Bjork who wore a weird swan dress at a past event. I thought Matt Damon and his wife qualified for Best Dressed Couple. He was Cary Grant chic and she was elegant for any era. Olivia Spencer simply sparkled in her feathery Marchesa gown and she was so cute to admit she was wearing "comfortable" Stuart Weitzman shoes!

I want to give our own Chicago International Film Festival credit (hello Michael Kutza!) for having the foresight to open his Festival this year with La La Land! (the almost winner) He even had Best Director winner Damien Chazelle on hand who spoke to guests about the film.

One of my favorite moments happened when the stars of Hidden Figures brought Katherine Johnson to the stage. As a former NASA physicist and mathematician, she contributed to the U.S.'s aeronautics and space programs. Now that is a real star!

I thought the opening number by Justin Timberlake put the crowd in a great frame of mind, much like Ellen Degeneres does when she opens her show with a dance number. Very clever! And the rain of goodies that periodically dropped down on the attendees didn't hurt either.

As far as the tour bus stunt, I didn't think it worked that well. First of all, they all entered the auditorium with their camera phones ready to go?! Methinks they might've known something in advance. It didn't feel spontaneous to me at all.

Moonlight was one of our top movies of the year and I'm so glad Mahershala Ali won for Best Supporting Actor. The movie made you laugh, cry and face realities that too many people, sadly, have to face. I do wish La La Land and Moonlight could've shared a Best Film Oscar though. I loved them both equally but for, obviously, different reasons.

As far as that gaffe at the end, it will make this Oscar show one of the most memorable of all time. So there is that....I just wish I could've been at those after-parties!

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