A loving tribute to Mickey Jordan, our little pet shop dog

When God created Mickey, he broke the mold. Our little boy passed away too soon on January 14, 2017. We found him in a pet shop on Wells St. And, even though we now know the cruelty of puppy mills, he was a pure treasure and we felt lucky to have found him. A golden blur, he played, pounced and raced his way right into our hearts.

He was 10 weeks old when we bought him and he was intended to be a companion for our other Chihuahua Daisy who was 2 years old at the time. We had introduced them both at Collar & Leash, just to be sure they would get along and they did at the shop but, once home, it was an entirely different matter.

Mickey was a puppy and had way too much energy for Daisy. Oh, she tolerated him and, from time to time, actually made an attempt at playing but it was never a love match.

Years later, after losing Daisy, we were blessed with another little miracle, Rooney. I was at a board meeting for PAWS in September 2006 when I first saw him. He was being passed around the table like a lump of coal, patiently and quietly receiving an absent minded pat here and there. When he reached me, I folded him into my arms, left the table and never looked back. I told Paula Fasseas I would foster him over the weekend as he was already promised to her mom but, after I got him home and Chuck and I oohed and ahhhed over him, I knew there was no turning back. Happily, Paula found another Chihuahua for her mom and we got our heart's desire.

Mickey and Rooney were two peas in a pod. They were the same size, which helped, and as years passed, Mickey lost some of his vision and hearing so he came to depend more and more on his little brother. We took them everywhere and they loved it, especially road trips. Mickey loved nothing better than hanging his tiny head out the window with his wee ears blowing in the wind while Rooney would hunker down and go right to sleep.

Less than 24 hours before he passed away, Mickey was playing in the living room. But, suddenly, as the night went on, he became sicker and sicker with his little organs shutting down. He died at Medvet at 10 pm lying in his travel carrier (his favorite place to be).

The joy he brought us was immeasurable. I know a lot of you, maybe even most of you, have lost beloved pets so you know how we feel. Your messages and cards have definitely lightened our hearts but, for now, the joy is gone.

Here's my message to darling Mickey:

Dearest Mickey Jordan,

Sixteen years was not enough. We wanted you for a 160 years or more. I posted pics of you always watching me and now I feel so empty and alone. I open every door hoping to see you there with your oversized nose and undersized ears. I know the pain will lessen as time marches on, but for now, our hearts are completely broken.

I hope you're happy and pain-free and I hope you're receiving unlimited food. When you were with us, I was sure you could have eaten an entire bag of dog food, if left to your own devices, even though you only weighed 9 pounds.

Your little brother is so easy going. I miss your demanding ways. It's like you had an alarm clock in your head for feedings and everything else. I miss your lumpy little body nestled next to me in bed too. I miss everything about you. I still have your first baby tooth that you lost on September 14, 2001.

Until we meet again, I hope you're still peeking at me from above,

Love always,

Your adoring, lonely family

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