What I learned from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic

It was Mario Dedivanovic's first makeup master class in Chicago and I was thrilled to be there! The sold-out event was held at Victory Gardens Theater and I attended with dear friend/makeup artist Nicole Jacob Delahanty (Nancy Angelair Salon). Tickets sold out online in minutes so Mario clearly has a following. (Watch video here!)

I'm ashamed to admit I'd never heard of him before now. I have always thought the Kardashian clan, especially Kim, had the most perfect makeup but it never occurred to me who the guru behind the magic might be.

Mario's a handsome young man with rather old-fashioned (delightful) manners. He encouraged people to shout-out questions as he demonstrated his makeup techniques on knock-out Chicago model Rachel. Nicole and I both wondered how in the world he would make her look any better than she already did, but he succeeded in spades surprisingly.

Before the 10 am to 4 pm presentation began on Sunday, Mario popped an Advil--which I thought was cute of him to admit he had a headache! He then admonished all the bloggers in the crowd not to try and share his unique step-by-step process. He shared many reasons why but mostly it was because he said he "had to pay his mortgage" and didn't want anyone "screwing with his money." At least he's honest! LOL!

A video montage played before the presentation that showed glamorous images of Kim, her many covers, her sisters and other models Mario has worked with.

He asked people in the audience who were makeup artists to raise their hands--most of the hands went up. People had flown from all over to see Mario at work and came from as far away as Croatia, Albania (where he's from), Argentina and the United Arab Emirates.

As he began the application, he told us, "Everything is photo-shopped." (in reference to images you see on social media). I'm not sure if this is true or not, but we all nodded agreeably.

One of the questions from the audience was about makeup transferring onto white clothes and how to avoid it. Mario's answer, "Pray." Another question, "Do you have any product or advice for someone with wrinkles?" Mario, "Yes, I have a doctor's number I could give you." He has a cute sense of humor that works well with his presentation.

During an intermission, even his darling mother got in on the act passing out delicious empanadas to all the guests. At the end, his sisters helped facilitate photo opps on a red carpet with each and every guest.

A loaded goody bag contained over $1000 worth of products. I was in makeup heaven happily clutching my 20 pages of notes to my chest! We even received diplomas! Nicole and I giggled all the way home.

Mario's do's, don'ts and must-haves:

1) No primer

2) For eyeshadow, don't take it out to corners.

3) BECCA champagne highlighter

4) CARGO Swimmable black eyeliner pencil

5) Bobbi Brown peach corrector for undereye circles

6) Tom Ford Illuminate creme in shade #01 for contouring

7) Tom Ford highlighter down bridge of nose, lip pout and on chin

8) Loreal Voluminous Mascara

9) Ardell half-lashes mixed with individual lashes using DUO black (make sure the glue is very sticky before applying!)

10) Milani Blush--Peach #105

11) Kevin Aucoin medium lip pencil or Charlotte Tilbury pillow-top lip pencil

12) Anastasia eyeliner in pots

13) Urban Decay lip gloss

14) Mac boot black liquid eyeliner

15) Mario is a master blender and uses a dampened sponge constantly after he applies every layer which keeps the makeup from looking cakey.

16) Biseart Brow #01, basic palette

18) Contour brush ZOEVA #109

19) REAL Technique contour brush #301

20) Bone Beige by MAC for nose contouring

21) Always spritz finished face--Mario uses Tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist

22) Use two shades for brows, a lighter pencil near the corner and darker on the outside.

23) Breathing through your nose helps keep your eyes from watering

24) There's a Mario Dedivanovic makeup line coming out in October!!

Bottom line, Mario is a genius and we both learned a lot from his informative session. He was generous with his time and never failed to answer an audience question. Kim and clan are very, very, very lucky indeed to have him in their lives! The Saudi princesses who are his clients, are too.

Mario will be teaching his next master class in Dubai on October 14 with his muse, Kim Kardashian West. I wonder how fast these tickets will sell out!

Thanks for a great day "Contour King" Mario!

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