A Bunny's Tail: My Playboy memorabilia is on display at Elmhurst Art Museum and I'm fainting

Okay, let's just stop and re-read that headline, my freakin' Playboy stuff is in a MUSEUM! This is the only time that my husband Chuck has been happy I've been a hoarder! The Elmhurst Art Museum (EAM), 150 Cottage Hill Road, recently presented the U.S. debut of "Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979", featuring an extensive collection of original photographs, films, models and more from Playboy magazine's inception in 1953 through its Golden Age in the 1970's. The exhibition is designed by Cristobal Amunategui, a partner in Amunategui Valdes Architects (Santiago, Chili), and will be on display now through August 28. And I'm THRILLED to have my Playboy memorabilia featured!

I'm not saying Jenny Gibbs, executive director EAM, and Beth Silverman, founder Silverman Group Chicago, were geniuses to contact me, but I think they were! My Playboy costume and some of my memorabilia were featured recently on Antiques Roadshow and the appraiser said, in all her years, she'd never seen a more complete costume. And I don't know of any others that exist in such complete form. I have everything right down to the nylons, heels and bobby pins I used to keep my ears on! (To see this Roadshow segment, click here).

The exhibition opens with my costume and Bunny of the Year trophies on and around a mannequin. In separate cases, my Playboy magazine covers plus a pageant program, Bunny how-to guides and more are displayed. The show continues on past the red-curtained entryway and is staged in the Mies van der Rohe's McCormick House at the Museum as the ultimate Playboy bachelor pad, with examples of iconic mid-century design and furnishings. There's even a mini replica of Hef's famous round bed!

Sadly, I had never been to this wonderful Museum until I was asked to loan my things for the exhibit. Shame on me!  This place is well curated, diverse and situated on an idyllic park. At the time, an exhibit by Elmhurst native, David Wallace Haskins ("Presence"), was on display and it was fascinating!

On Friday, June 24, I will be hosting a little party at the Museum, "Cocktails with Candace", from 6-8 pm and I would love to share my Playboy memories with you! For tickets and more info, click here!

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