A sad 90th birthday for Hugh Hefner

Yesterday, Hugh Hefner, lost his "best friend", brother Keith, who passed away at age 87 in Beverly Hills.

And now today, April 9, it's his 90th birthday but there's certainly nothing to celebrate.

First we keep reading about and witnessing the sad demise of the magazine that he lovingly created in 1953 and built up through the years to become the ultimate men's magazine,  a magazine that gave him such joy and a sense of pride.

He would sit on his round bed drinking decaffeinated Diet Pepsi at 1340 N. State Parkway and hand pick the images for his magazine, painstakingly writing with felt marker all the little things he wanted to change. He would search for, and eventually make lasting friends with all the writers, artists and comedians whose work he would feature in the magazine. (Although I'm sure he wishes he could have a do-over in Bill Cosby's case).

And then there was always Keith. Every visit to either the Mansion in Chicago or Los Angeles included a meet-and-greet with the low-key, sweet natured younger brother of Hef. Keith was married to model Caya Ukkas but I remember many happy relationships he enjoyed with various Playmates throughout the years too. He was much loved by all who knew him.

It should be a day of great celebration for Hef, his family and those who remain at the Mansion since all the downsizing has begun. Both the Mansion and the magazine are for sale now so there can't be much joy in mudville. But I do know that Hef cannot be forced out of his beloved home even if it is sold.  There's a stipulation that he be allowed to stay there until he passes.

If his genetic makeup is any indication of his time left, then here's hoping/praying he takes after his mom, Grace Caroline Hefner, who lived to 101.

And even when he's gone, he will still be surrounded by beauty. His final resting place is in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, right next to Marilyn Monroe.

HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY HEF WITH LOVE from a Playmate/Bunny who cares. Long may you reign.

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