What's my Playboy Bunny tail, ears and costume worth? Check it out on Antiques Roadshow

What's my Playboy Bunny tail, ears and costume worth? Check it out on Antiques Roadshow
Appearing on the Antiques Roadshow with my Playboy Bunny memorabilia.

A few months ago, I wrote about my Antiques Roadshow experience here on Chicago Now.  On July 26, 2014, I took some of my Playboy memorabilia to the show, the first time it had come to Chicago in ten years. The tickets sold out within the hour and I compared the experience to winning a Willy Wonka Golden ticket. FINALLY, the show has an air date!

The segment with will air on Monday, October 19, on PBS at 8 pm!  And I just learned, they've added a "Behind the Scenes" segment that will air on Thursday, October 15, on WTTW-Ch. 11 in Chicago at 8 pm!  Mark your calendars and I hope you'll be watching....:-)

Playboy Magazine included the info in this month's issue, too!                                                                                                                Playboy October 2015--Roadshow blurb

Read about my memorable experience below......

We were watching PBS when the offer came up during its fundraising segment.  Our fingers flew to the phone and, as luck would have it, we were able to purchase two Golden Tickets to this show dedicated to discovering America's hidden treasures! I took my Playboy Bunny of the Year costume from 1976 along with a lot of collateral material that included....to read more, click here!

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