The day I married my best friend

The day I married my best friend
July 21, 1989 at the Drake Hotel.

Today my husband and I celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary and it seems like we were just married yesterday.  I remember every moment of that day vividly even though I usually can't remember what I did yesterday.

Things like that happen when you marry your best friend.  We met at the old Palm Restaurant on East Lake Shore Drive and, even though I didn't realize it at the time,  I would quickly see that Chuck was my prince I'd read about in fairy tales. His kindness is what struck me first. He had the sweetest eyes, still does, of anyone I'd ever met.  He was also smart, witty, charming and nice to everyone and I fell deeply and hopelessly in love. We married within 6 months of meeting one another.

I caught a clip from some daytime talk show the other day, one of those advice shows, and a woman asks the host, "When should you get married?"  Apparently, she'd been dating a guy for years who wasn't willing to commit and his advice was very interesting.  He said, "People marry when they fall in love."

Chuck was a confirmed bachelor when I met him and had no intention of getting married.  And then magic hit both of us.   I know some people who are in long-term relationships and that's fine for them, but I do feel that when you meet the right person you know it almost instantly.  And in my case, it sure didn't take long to figure out.

Today we are celebrating our life together.  Through good times, bad times, great times and all times, Chuck will always be the King of my Kingdom and I am grateful beyond words......

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