Miami memories for Valentine's Day

Twice a year Chuck went fishing with his friends, on Valentine's Day and my birthday in May.  If I were a more sensitive type, I would be slightly offended but, the truth of the matter is, he had been taking these trips for years with childhood friends before we even met.  Happily, during his absences, I was lucky to be able to take trips of my own with my mom, Elsa Mae Stott.

We always chose Miami, in particular, the Fontainebleau at 4441 Collins Avenue.  Even in the summer, when it was so hot, we had more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  The weather wasn't a factor, although it was really, really nice to see palm trees.  The most important thing was the fun-filled times we spent together paradise.

The Fontainebleau has a rich history.  It was designed by Morris Lapidus, opened in 1954 and instantly became a celeb hotspot (it still is).  The Rat Pack performed here and Jerry Lewis filmed his comedy, The Bellboy, here, too.  The James Bond film Goldfinger featured the hotel in the sweeping aerial shots that follows the opening credits and the pool figured prominently in the film Scarface among many, many others.

My mom and I always had a routine when we came.  I would check in after seating her in the Lobby Bar.  That's when my hunt for the perfect room began, which could sometimes last longer that a couple of cocktails.  On one occasion, Chuck splurged and reserved the penthouse for us.  For this memorable trip,  I included my cousin Donna Mae (who was like a sister to my mom) and OMGoodness--fun reigned supreme.  Those were wonderful times that I'll never, ever forget.

Now, this year, for the very first time, I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day at the Fontainebleau with my husband--finally.  His fishing trips have gone by the wayside, which is good news, bad news.  I know he'll miss the boys, but I plan on making this trip very, very memorable for him.   :-)

Hope you all make wonderful Valentine's Day memories, too.....they will last a lifetime.

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