My Assignment: Write about Writing

My Assignment: Write about Writing

When Chicago Now Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield says "jump", all of the 400+ CN bloggers ask "how high?"  So it is with our latest assignment (which is never mandatory, but merely a suggestion): to write about writing and share our processes.  Everyone has different methods for writing, getting in the mood to write and then actually publishing.   And, even though I know we all approach this topic differently, everyone has the same goal--WRITE AND PUBLISH and pray people will READ it and LIKE it.

My writing methods are a bit sporadic--I'm no Hemingway (who knew?) who had set times to write every day.  Sometimes, my stall tactics border on the ridiculous.  I'll straighten everything on my desk, not once, not twice, but several times.  I'll give the dogs a bath even if they don't need one or I'll drift off into a near catatonic state watching Property Brothers on HGTV.  Thankfully, this doesn't happen every day.

Some days are magical--on these inspired days, sparks fly off my computer keys like shooting rays of sunshine.  My husband Chuck wears sunglasses. These are red letter days and, when they occur, I feel like working from sun-up to sun-down and then some.  I can hear birds chirping (even if none are there) and I can see the sun shining brightly (even if it's a gloomy day).  I feel like jumping up and clicking my heels together with joy.  The words just flow, the Chihuahuas are gathered together in a love bundle on my chair and all is right with the world.

These are the days when I've finished a new blog, have a new internet TV show loaded, finished my Chicago Tribune column AND have a terrific blog on this platform.  This is the Holy Grail of writing for me and, even though it's not a daily occurrence, it' what I always aspire to.

God Bless the Little Writers of the World and please let them know you care.  We do it for you.  :-)

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