Coincidental and Unexplainable: A parakeet, comet and talk show

Coincidental and Unexplainable: A parakeet, comet and talk show

Our latest Chicago Now challenge for Blogapalooza Hour (which is NOW!) is to "write about a time you experienced a remarkable coincidence or witnessed something unexplainable."

I love these challenges dreamed up by our beloved Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield or, as I like to call him, Obi-Wan Kenobi.  I must say, right off the bat, that I don't believe in coincidences.  They happen, for sure, but I believe there's a bigger explanation.  Nothing "woo woo, woo woo" but certainly something that involves creating your own luck with a little boost from fate.

Recently, I was asked to appear on the Steve Harvey Show (shameless plug--the show will air on Tuesday, February 3, WMAQ, channel 5, 2 pm and 3 am (Chicago time), and I was so thrilled!  At the end of the show, the executive producer came up to me to introduce herself.  She just happened to be the same producer who asked me to appear on the premier of "Chicagolicious", a terrific reality show that left too soon.  Coincidence or fate?  I ask you.

My husband reminded me of something "unexplainable."  We lived in Old Town then and I had diligently put up a bird house on an old birch tree in the backyard.  I watched that sucker for 10-15 years and nothing happened.  Then, one day on Mother's Day with my mother-in-law beside me, a beautiful parakeet (not a wild one, but a lost one) cautiously scoped out the house (as we watched)...went in and out a few times, and then made itself right at home with his/her tail feathers sticking straight out.  Not knowing at the time that my mother-in-law was an avid bird lover, this event now seems like something very unexplainable but,  was such a magical moment in time that neither one of us will ever, ever forget---and also, a beloved memory that we now both share.

(Parakeet side note: During the next several months, he would chase all the other birds from our yard and bring us untold hours of joy.  Sadly, an ill-conceived construction project drove him away, never to return).

I also experienced something else quite remarkable and, at the time, unexplainable.  Chuck and I were sitting in our atrium watching our little sliver of the night sky.  I saw a flash of light streak through the split in our birch tree and it was awe-inspiring.  I was also having a couple of glasses of wine at the time so I wondered (for a moment) if I was seeing things.  But then as I recounted what I saw to Chuck (a blast of orange light with a fiery tail) I knew I had to find out what the heck was going on.  So the unexplainable become understandable after contacting the Museum of Science and Industry--a comet!  A very rare occurrence (I was told) to see one--I felt so lucky!

I know we all have happy coincidences and unexplainable experiences.   They're the highlights of life and should never be taken for granted.  Experiences make up memories that enrich our lives.  And that's what it's really all about, isn't it?

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