Why I won't be seeing The Interview

Why I won't be seeing The Interview
Seth Rogen and James Franco, stars of "The Interview."

"The Interview", a Sony comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco is scheduled to open to wide release on Christmas Day, but a lot of theaters are choosing to pull the plug including Carmike Cinemas that operates 278 theaters with 2,917 screens in 41 states.  An unconfirmed threat from hackers threaten violence to those who attend public screenings.

Well, whether you like the movie or not, it appears to me the hackers/terrorists have won this round.  Granted, I wouldn't go see this movie, not out of fear, but because I think it looks too silly for words and I'm not a big fan of Rogen's anyway.  I understand people's reluctance to attend though, but am sorry it's because these lame-ass hackers have scared the bejeesus out of everyone.

Now, if this movie was a Hobbit or Harry Potter film, I would be in the front row, threat or no threat but I'm not willing to risk my life for a Seth Rogen comedy.  :-)

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