Chicago Now Blathering 2014 brings romantic surprise at Reverie

Every year around this time, Chicago Now bloggers gather together to celebrate the holidays, friendship and blogging (not necessarily in this order).  It's called a "blathering" and all of the CN bloggers are invited.  This year, our fun-filled group of writers met up at Reverie, 414 N. Orleans, a hotspot owned by beloved sportscasters Lou Cannelis and Ryan Baker.  It was decorated to the nines with white lights twinkling from every window and, as Chuck and I climbed the stairs to the party room, I knew it was going to be one very special night.

We were met at the top of the stairs by Peter Bella, a freelance photojournalist, who writes a blog titled "Interesting Chicago." Peter is the unofficial/official photographer for our group and always takes the best shots making sure to include EVERYONE!

The food was delicious, the drinks were flowing, conversations were scintillating when Community Manager, Jimmy Greenfield, called us all to attention.  He was anxious to get the karaoke started, but said he was a little shy so was passing the mic off to Patrick O'Hara (whose blog is titled "Comedy, Tragedy or Me?).  Well, knowing Jimmy, I thought this was a little odd,  but went along with the program.

Patrick got up and haltingly began a song--abruptly, he said he was too nervous, too.  (What was going on here?)  Well, he wanted to introduce his girlfriend, Crystal Intini, to everyone which I thought was sweet, but definitely not something that was going to get the party started until HE GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND PROPOSED!  I cried all my eye makeup off it was so damn adorable!  Can you imagine?  Cheers went up all around and then the party got started in earnest.

I will tell you one thing, this was one blathering that none of us will soon forget.  Congrats to Patrick and Crystal and thanks for making our night so memorable!

(I just adore the talented Chicago Now bloggers and I hope you will check out ALL of their amazing work HERE!)

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