What Oscar Pistorius and the Kaufmans Have in Common

What Oscar Pistorius and the Kaufmans Have in Common

What do Oscar Pistorius and Charlotte and Eric Kaufman have in common?  In short, they are ALL f'ing nuts.  I just watched crybaby Pistorius try to influence the judge in his televised murder trial  by bawling his eyes out over the brutal murder of his girlfriend.  One news reporter even suggested this ploy might've worked with the judge since, in his opinion, it looked like she wanted to "give him a hug."

Then, up next, this idiotic couple, Charlotte and Eric Kaufman,  who put their children, Cora (3) and Lyra (1) in harm's way just because of their selfish desire to drag them around the world (by SEA) in a 36' sailboat!  If this wasn't true, it could be a Saturday Night Live skit gone bad.  AND the topper,  little Cora started out the ill-imagined journey with salmonella!  They were 900 miles from land, where did they think they could go for help in an emergency?

Charlotte Kaufman, who blogged her way through the trip wrote on day eight: "I think this may be the stupidest thing we have ever done. 'Stupid' is the number one word that resonates throughout my day as we tick the slow minutes away to the kids' bed times each night."

Ya think?

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