Valentine's Day Suggestions: My top five surefire HITS for guys

Valentine's Day Suggestions:  My top five surefire HITS for guys

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I started thinking about what it really means to celebrate this day.  First and foremost, it means spending time with your significant other.  Through the years, I've been so lucky to have someone who really knows what it means to make this day special.  Chuck and I have been married 25 years now and he's never failed to acknowledge this day in big and small ways.  Surprisingly, it's been the small, inexpensive gestures I remember the most.  One year, he decorated an omelet with a heart in ketchup.  And he's never once forgotten to buy me a card that's made me cry.

I know a lot of people have trouble figuring out what to do on February 14 to make this day memorable so I thought I would help.  Here's my top five suggestions for guys that will make their ladies swoon:

1)  First of all, don't forget!  Women know when your gift is a last minute thought.  I know the floral business makes a killing on this day but I urge you to be more single red rose is more impressive than a huge bouquet, especially when it's attached to a heart-felt card or, better yet, something you've written yourself.  :-)  The only exception to this rule is when you're sending her flowers at work.  Make them big and impressive so her co-workers will see how very loved she is....:-)  This is sort of a peacock moment for her.

2)  Don't settle for a box of candy.  I know boxes of chocolates have always been a go-to item for Valentine's Day, but believe me, if I don't want it, I doubt your girlfriend/wife/lover will either.  This is another thoughtless, easy-to-buy gift that doesn't deliver the right message.  Instead, do something more personal.  How about baking her something in your very own oven with your very own hands?  This shows effort and would be much more appreciated than a quick trip to Walgreen's, Fannie May, etc. for a ready-made gift.

3)  Plan a day just for her.  If you have the luxury of time, I think this would be so special.  Buy her a spa package, pick her up after for a horse and carriage ride (obviously not now, but try to do this before Rahm takes them away!)....and then plan a dinner at her favorite restaurant.  This would be a day forever etched in her memory, I guarantee it!

4)  Pay attention to her hobbies.  If she mentions a book she wants to get, buy it for her and surprise her with it.  If she collects something, buy her a book about these collectibles or, if it's within your budget, buy a piece for her collection.  Nothing makes a woman feel more appreciated than knowing you're paying attention to her and her desires.

5)  Do you really, really, really love her?  Ask her to marry you!  What could be more romantic than a proposal on Valentine's Day? 

I'm just sayin'......:-)

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