How our Chihuahuas would stack up at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

How our Chihuahuas would stack up at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Mickey and Rooney during a thunderstorm.

I never miss the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and, for this year's 138th, I will again be fixated on the television screen.  This show is so interesting because it showcases sheer perfection in the breeds represented.  2,845 dogs are entered this year in 190 breeds and varieties, coming from all 50 states and as far away as Australia, Brazil and Japan.  Judging began this morning and the event will be televised (and livestreamed) for the finals Tuesday night.

As I watch this show, I invariably and unconsciously find myself comparing our two Chihuahuas to these champions in the ring.  The show dogs will be judged from every angle, up and down and sideways.  Their teeth must be straight and align correctly, their gait has to be perfect and their coats flawless.  There's no cash prize--owners often make a lot of money by breeding the winners.  Sigh...Some of these dogs are worth more than all we own.  I can't imagine the hard work involved to create/breed a champion.  But, even though we don't own champions, our little guys are still in a league all their own.

Mickey and Rooney, our Chihuahua "children" are 12 and 8 years old respectively.  Not a tooth in their head is in the right place if it's even there.  Mickey has more lumps and bumps than a dune buggy course and Rooney has legs that are so long, it's hard for him to bend over to reach the food bowl without looking like an awkward newborn colt.

When Mickey was little, his ears were so big it made us laugh.  Sadly, they never grew so now his head is wildly out of proportion to his teensy little ears.  Rooney's ears, however, have never stopped growing and we're wondering if we might have a little Dumbo on our hands.  They're both incredibly loyal and horribly territorial.  I'm glad the walls of our condo are thoroughly sound-proofed, otherwise, our neighbors would think we had them both on the rack.

They make us laugh every single day and, even though they're never going to win any dog shows, they're still our little champions.

May the best dog win!  We'll ALL be watching and embracing our imperfections....:-)

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