Babies in Restaurants Controversy: The Death of Common Sense?

Babies in Restaurants Controversy: The Death of Common Sense?

I can see both sides to the "babies in restaurants" controversy that has been brewing ever since Alinea's chef Grant Achatz posted a frustrated tweet over having a bawling 8 month old baby in his pricey, 3-star Chicago restaurant.  From what I understand, guests must pre-pay before dining with the cost being nonrefundable.  So, when the couple lost their babysitter, I can understand them not wanting to lose the money BUT whatever happened to common sense and having consideration for others?

Now there's an outcry for laws/rules, etc. to tell people exactly what to do.  Why should we need black and white laws to tell us what common sense should dictate?  There's a great deal of difference in taking a baby to dinner at Alinea where dinner for two could run $700 per couple than taking a baby to a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  Doesn't common sense tell you that one is appropriate and the other is absurd?  People who bring a baby to a high profile, multi-starred restaurant are really saying to all the other diners (who may have saved up their had earned money for a once in a lifetime dining experience), "Screw YOU!"  Plus, if you do complain, they will automatically brand you a child hater forever.

The world these days may lack common sense, but sadly, no one seems to be lacking in selfishness or narcissism.

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