10 Reasons Why People Don't Like to Dress Up for Halloween

10 Reasons Why People Don't Like to Dress Up for Halloween
Crystal and Hef don't fear Halloween! Here they are channeling Miley and Robin.

I am a Halloween nut.  And when I have the time to plan, I like nothing better than coming up with a great costume idea.  I've even included my family, Chihuahuas Mickey and Rooney, in my outlandish schemes.  But mention dressing up to my husband and he runs screaming from the room.  He hates any sort of attention being drawn to him and he's always been this way.  I remember throwing him a surprise birthday party after we'd been married a few weeks and I thought it was the end of

Rooney as Eminem.

Rooney as Eminem.

our marriage even though he dutifully sat through the dinner smiling through gritted teeth.

I simply couldn't imagine anyone not enjoying this delightful Halloween custom but apparently, there are.  So I decided to check around and see what reasons people could come up with for NOT enjoying the art of the costume.  This is what I learned.....

1) Too much work, would rather slap a Zorro mask on and call it a day.

2) Visibility is poor through the eye-holes and I'm afraid of stepping off a curb into oncoming traffic.

3)  I'm not creative enough to come up with a good idea so I spend all night trying to explain who I'm supposed to be at the party.

4)  I feel ridiculous getting in and out of cabs and walking past my doorman.  No Halloween Walks of Shame for me!

5)  It's hard to drink through a mask.

6)  I don't want to rent one at a one-stop-shop.  Lord knows who wore it before me!

7)  I don't want to come up with a great idea and find 6 other people in the same outfit at the party.

8)  I don't want the attention.  If I could go as the Invisible Man I would.  (My husband's direct quote).

9)  Why would I want to be doing the same thing that an 8 year old is doing?

10)  The Curmudgeon Costume has already been taken.

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