Mythical Proportions: Nora Dunn's One Woman Show Comes to Chicago

Mythical Proportions:  Nora Dunn's One Woman Show Comes to Chicago
Nora Dunn photo by Tina Smothers.

An Asian pig with a penchant for liquor, a wooden leg discovered in the corner of a dank cellar and the deadly rampage of a desperate middle-aged bookkeeper becomes the stuff of legend in Nora Dunn's "Mythical Proportions."   Written and performed by Dunn, this one-woman show that has been two years in the making, will come to Theater Wit (1229 W. Belmont) on Tuesday, August 20.   

Nora Dunn one woman show inviteProduced by Steven Ullman, the show combines characters from across the country with Ms. Dunn's own stories from her childhood in inner city Chicago.  Dunn describes the show thusly, "The centerpiece of the show is Mrs. Williams, whom I started talking to on my road trip to Los Angeles to do a three week workshop run of the show. While driving through Missouri I got nervous about my progressive party bumper sticker. There were so many gruesome “Pro Life” billboards and patriotic “Pro War” billboards that I was afraid to pull over for gas and a power bar. I started a conversation in that state with a black woman named Mrs. Williams whose husband had withdrawn from society because of his experience with racism. I road along with this monologue all through Missouri and Oklahoma and Texas, and when I got to The Andulaz Hotel in Albuquerque I wrote it down. That’s when my two-year odyssey writing Mythical Proportions was finally over."

Dunn goes on to say, "I love Hollywood, especially the old remnants of it you find by accident. Mythical Proportions, in part, pays homage to that worn history, and to the ghosts in Hollywood who never realized their dreams.  The show is also an ode to the art of story telling, and the great communion between audience and performer when you are all in the same room together.  That experience is worth the time it takes to put something like this together.  It even made the dangerous pit stops in rural right-wing America with a Progressive Party sticker on my bumper worth it. Really."

I had the lucky opportunity to meet Miss Dunn through a mutual friend, Project Runway's Peach Carr,  and I must say, she's just as fabulous and funny in person as she is on the stage and screen.   And did I say loveable?  Her list of impersonations is endless and she had us both in stitches throughout the entire lunch at RL Restaurant recently. 

I can't wait to see her one woman show and I hope to see YOU there, too!  (For tickets and more info, please click here!)

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