Fools I've Met While Blogging

Fools I've Met While Blogging

Are you kidding me?  You're contacting me years later to ask me to remove your photo from my blog??!!  Dude, you probably don't even remotely resemble that photo anymore so why worry?  I can't believe the people who have emailed me over the years asking to have their images removed from my site.  Don't they remember being thrilled to pose,  with massive smiles, hands on hips and arms around their loved ones?  Oh wait, I'm're divorcing/hate/despise that person now so I HAVE TO REMOVE THE IMAGE?!

Actually, I don't HAVE to remove any of these images but, since I'm a decent person, I always try to accommodate these ridiculous requests.  I remember years ago at a Playboy Mansion party in L.A. where I  take tons of pics, one painted lady was putting herself in front of my camera lens on a regular basis all night long.  Now, as you may or may not know, by "painted" I mean buck nekked......So, let's just assume she wasn't very shy.  Years later, and I mean YEARS later when I'm sure the "paint" would've shifted, this woman emails me frantically wanting me to remove her image.  I had no idea if I could even find the photo but she HAD to have it removed since she was interviewing to be a California state trooper!  OMG!

I can't believe how many people are trying to erase their pasts.  Recently, I've had two by a girl who now hates the guy she was in the photo with and another from a guy who's divorcing the girl he's in the photo with.  At this rate, I won't even have time to write since I'll be deleting full-time!

One of my favorite "fool's requests" came from a beautiful African American woman who posed happily for my camera at the Butterfly Ball a couple of years ago.  Several months ago, I start getting requests to use this photo from the world press, the  London Daily Mail and other foreign publications.  It seems this beauty was dating a married, high-profile politician and the press got wind of it and the only photo they could find of her was mine.  Maybe I could make this into a cottage industry and actually make some money off of these people.

I do remember once I did take a photo I knew I shouldn't have.  Actor Vince Vaughn and his wife were lunching at RL Restaurant.  As always, I had my little camera tucked in my purse so, surreptitiously or so I thought,  I tried snapping a little pic of him  from a distance....well, his hand shot up like I was packing an AK47.  How in the world he even saw me from afar, much less my 3 " long camera, is a mystery to me.  After all, he was certainly not trying to attract any attention in his day-glo orange, need-sunglasses-to-look-at shirt with a numbers on the front about 3 feet high.  Jeez.......

I guess the moral to this story is, don't grin like a fool for every camera in the room and then expect it NOT to show up anywhere!  Hellllooooo!!!!  There's a reason why your photo is being taken and it's not for the photographer to tack up in his den!

Thanks for letting me vent and remember, if you don't want it posted, don't say "cheese"!

Candace :-)  (To read more, click here!)

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