Squire of Society, Bunky Cushing, Hosts 20th Annual Valentine's Day Tea at Ritz-Carlton

Bunky Cushing has done it again!  For his 20th annual Valentine’s Day Tea held in the Greenhouse at the Ritz-Carlton, more than 100 of our town's movers and shakers turned out in force to celebrate with this beloved Chicago icon.  For the first time, the invite offered guests the option of dressing in either fuschia, pink or red as opposed to the previous, written-in-stone red request.

This annual Tea, now privately known as the “Red Heart 100,” has been called “one of Chicago’s most sought-after-invitations” by Harper’s Bazaar magazine.  Attendees included Mary Pat Burns, Sharyl Mackey, Sherry Lea Holson, Lynda Silverman, Robin Segesta, Laurie Davis, Nina Mariano, Toni Canada, Myra Reilly, Hazel Barr, Jean Antoniou, Stacie Mickelson, Eileen Weinberg, Felicia Winiecki, Diane Edelman, Greg Hyder, Dan Uslan, JP Anderson, Sherrill Bodine, Megan McKinney, Rochelle Trotter, Mary Ann Rose, Darby Hills, Tina Weller, Cathy Bell (newly engaged!), Sheree Valukas, Amalie Drury, Rebecca Besser, Martha Wallace and Ann Wallace and Heather Farley Ingram among others.

Bunky has been a fixture on the city’s philanthropic scene for as long as I can remember.  He hosts annual fundraisers that benefit the Howard Brown Clinic as well as the Jane Addams Senior Caucus.  The Chicago Tribune has called Bunky “an arbiter of style for the creme de la creme of Chicago society,” and Vogue magazine has called him “Chicago’s social tugboat.”  He has been associated with Ralph Lauren for over 25 years as a consultant, his time with the company taking him to New York, Miami, and finally settling in Chicago in 1990.  His weekly column, Squire of Society, is not to be missed!  (www.bunkycushing.com)

Thanks for all you do Bunky!

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