Inauguration brings out top talent: Jamie Foxx and perform at "Hennessy V.S. Inauguration Takeover" party

Parties are poppin' during the inauguration in D.C. right now and bringing some top talent to town.  Last night, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and rapper kicked off the "Hennessy V.S Inauguration Takeover" at the swanky Park at 14th in Washington, D.C. with

Foxx took over the event performing for more than 2 hours and brought the packed house down as he sang several songs from his catalog including "Unpredictable" and  "Blame It" as well as popular songs that included "All Gold Everything" by Trinidad James and A$AP Rocky's hit song "F*ckin' Problems". also performed with NY Giants superstar, Victor Cruz and radio personality, Big Tigger,  joining in.

Foxx  said he got a chance to visit the Martin Luther King memorial and said, "Please know that we're living in spectacular times for African Americans."  He also gave a shout-out to his "Django" co-stars and shared these thoughts, "Thank you for your support of this film.  Every day on the set, I thought of you and how you would enjoy this film.  The only thing that mattered after we did that movie was if black folks liked it.  It was about respecting you guys."  (Photos courtesy of Jeff Dormeus)

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