New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion will have a little something special this year! (PICS!)

I've always quivered with excitement whenever I would receive an elegant, oversized party invitation from Hef (Hugh Hefner) at the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills.  But times have changed for all of us, even Hef!  Lately, his invites have been evites but received with no less excitement!  I love looking through all of  his past cards that always featured his lady-love of the moment or loves of the moment.  It's like a walk down Girlfriend Lane....but after this year's New Year's Eve Party, on New Year's Day to be exact, there will be only one woman featured on his future cards, his beautiful wife-to-be Crystal Harris.

Many of you might remember her as the runaway bride but she has captured his heart again and I think it's for good this time.  I knew something was up when Crystal changed the name on her Twitter profile from Crystal Harris to Crystal Hefner not long ago.  So a call to the Mansion confirmed my suspicions that a small ceremony is planned for New Year's Day.  I'm happy for them both and, despite their age difference, they are both consenting adults and it's their decision alone.   And if Hef is happy, then I am happy.

For as long as I've known him, he's been a wonderful man, someone who has changed the world for the better in my opinion and someone who introduced us to so many iconic authors in the early years of Playboy Magazine.  He is erudite, witty, charming, gentlemanly and fun and that's reason enough for a girl to fall in love with him no matter what the age difference.

In a recent NY Times feature, he explained his attraction to younger women:  "You do give up something in the process (acknowledging that most of his girls don't appreciate his style of music or his love of classic films), "But, there is something wonderful in the student-teacher relationship--the rediscovery, the chance to have a relationship with a younger woman permits you to see the things you love with a fresh eye, which makes them exciting again.  And I don't think there's any question that surrounding yourself with youth keeps you younger."

Here's looking at you Hef and hoping you have many, many more years of health and happiness!  (His mom lived to be 101!)


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