CAMP Cosmetics Creates Candid Candace Lipstick!

CAMP Cosmetics Creates Candid Candace Lipstick!
CAMP Cosmetics ad by Amie Hana

I had never met CAMP Cosmetics founder Michael Perich before he contacted me in July and asked if I would be interested in having a lipstick named after me, Candid Candace.  Hello, HELL yes!  So, he sent me a jillion shades of my signature color, coral, and I chose my favorite.  Now, Candid Candace, is officially launched with ad campaigns appearing this month in TCW Magazine as well as Michigan Avenue Magazine.  Next month, Playboy will give us a shout-out, too.

I've had a lot of dreams but, never in my wildest, did I think I would have my very own lipstick!

It's been a wonderful ride getting to know Michael better.  Through photo shoots, lunches, emails and phone calls, I've realized just how special he is, not only as an expert in his field, but also as a dear man with a huge heart.  He's never met a stranger and, besides his skills, his clients love his honesty and positive outlook on life.  His theme by Gossip, is "Move in the Right Direction."  The lyrics are "One step closer to feelin' fine.  I will face my fears and hold back tears so I can move in the right direction."

I think Michael is definitely moving in the right direction and I'm glad to be along for the ride!

The entire CAMP Cosmetics line is available at his Glen Ellyn store, 480A N. Main St. (630.545.0240) or visit online here.

Michael's motto is "Women are born beautiful, we make them pretty."   And THAT he does!

Congrats and thanks Michael for this wonderful, exciting opportunity!!!!

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