The loss of a loved one makes me realize what Thanksgiving is all about

The loss of a loved one makes me realize what Thanksgiving is all about
Photo by Laercio Luz Photography

I always thought it was sort of sappy when people wrote about "what they are thankful for" on Thanksgiving but for this week's holiday, I feel compelled to join their ranks.

I recently lost a very dear friend, a friend who I was sure would bury all of us in the end.  He was fit, not an ounce of extra body weight, never smoked or drank and was filled with positivity.  Everywhere he went, he made people smile bigger, laugh harder and "lean in just a little bit."  He was beloved photographer Steve Starr.  You have seen his photos everywhere.  He never missed a party and often went to several in one evening.  But he was so much more than this.  He was an author, designer, an early lover/dealer of Art Deco and his store, Steve Starr Studios, was set to celebrate its 45th anniversary on 12/12/12 with a photo exhibition of his work titled "The Face of the News."  Sadly, this has now turned into a Memorial Tribute to him.

He stayed up into the wee hours for over a year tirelessly planning his big event.  It was to be the zenith of his career and something that I've never seen him more excited about.  His emails to me were filled with enthusiasm, questions and self-doubt.  In July, one of his messages read, "when do you think we should share this?  Is it too soon?"  He wanted the event to benefit the "Committee to Protect Journalists."  And his wishes will all be kept......

He died suddenly on 11/12/12, a  month to the day before his big event....

Life is something we all take for granted until we lose a friend, become ill ourselves or have someone we love become sick.  I think I live every moment to the fullest, but I know this isn't true.  I think we all work too hard and become too engrossed in the small stuff to realize the big stuff has a timer on it.

For this Thanksgiving,  I hope and pray we can all give a moment of thanks for the lives we've been given and the friends we have loved and lost.

(For more information on the Steve Starr Memorial Tribute, please click here.  Besides tickets, donations are gladly accepted.)

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