Sitting on the Sidelines for Black Friday

Sitting on the Sidelines for Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the greatest shopping days of the whole year!  You've read it everywhere, in the newspapers, online, in commercials, in flyers, on the radio.  You can't escape the news that there are deals, deals, deals everywhere out there!  I for one, think it IS a great day, for the STORES!  I'm not opposed to the retail world making up their losses today but I don't like the fact that so many people feel compelled to go out and spend money that they might not have because of all of the hype surrounding this day.  It's like a feeding frenzy from what I see on the news, people waiting in line all night long to get a deal on this or that item.

Now I know there are exceptions to this.....My cousins in downstate Illinois, for instance, have been rising before the crack of dawn to shop the sales.  But, for them, it's more about the tradition and being together than it really is about the shopping.

So, if there is a gift item out there and you know today is the only day you can get it at a discount, then I say go for it.  Otherwise, I'm not buying into the hype.

Bah, Humbug!

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