Chris Brown's Halloween Costume: Offensive or Not?

Chris Brown's Halloween Costume:  Offensive or Not?

Chris Brown is certainly no stranger to controversy and, from the looks of his Halloween costume last night, it looks like he even embraces it.  At a party at Rihanna's,  his on-again-off-again girlfriend, he and his friends dressed as terrorists.  How adorable!  His accompanying tweet said, "Ain't nobody f_cking with my clique!"

Well, I know it was Halloween and anything goes but, I for one, found this offensive when so many innocents have lost their lives in gruesome ways thanks to people dressed exactly like this.

Another tweet from @ChrisBrownation said, "People take shit tooo seriously, it's just a costume, get off him."

Believe me, I'm off......


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  • When two people famous or not are involved in obviously what was and still is an S&M relationship why can't you just call it as such instead of giving the woman the option to cry foul when it's exposed and she can't take the embarrasment of her unorthodox proclivities ......hey as they say whatever blows your skirt up.

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