New Royal Family Woes?! Kate SHOULDN'T Be Sunbathing Topless. Period!

New Royal Family Woes?! Kate SHOULDN'T Be Sunbathing Topless. Period!

Listen, no one is a bigger fan of the Royal family than me.  I've watched every wedding beginning to end, bought all of the mags with Diana's fashionable photos, felt her pain for Charles' cheating ways, cried when paparazzi drove her to her death, cried with happiness when her handsome son found his soulmate but I am drawing the line over this latest misfortune.

And no, I don't think cameras with ultra long lenses should've been pointed at this happy couple during their South of France vacation but I also don't think someone in her position should, even for a moment, have her top off in the open air!  Latest reports say she was visible from the street, and therefore fair game!

We've travelled to the South of France many times, luckily, and this indeed is standard protocol on beaches and around pools for women young, old and in-between.  I even tried going topless myself but felt so ridiculous, since this wasn't something I'd been doing on a regular basis in Chicago, that I covered up.  I wasn't ashamed of my figure but it just felt wildly inappropriate.  And if I felt this way, I can't imagine the motivation behind a woman who will one day be Queen of England?!

What is happening to these people!?  First Harry bares his bum and now Kate is showing her ta-ta's.

Will somebody get these two a robe!



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    This may be a publicity stunt....The only person who should see someone in her position naked is William. Royalty should be dressed at all times if outside and in the public eye. However, in the big picture topless is not really that scandalous.

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    I agree!


    Americans and Brits show their children murder after grisly murder on TV. Yet, if Kate or anyone else dares show that which HALF THE POPULATION OF THE WORLD possesses, it's "scandalous".

    You know what the real scandal is? That we glorify the artificiality of violence while denigrating the natural world of love and art.

    This Puritanical puerility, proffered petulantly by this prudish poster, should have ended with the Dark Ages from which it emanates.

  • No doubt this will come as a shock to Candace but no one, least of all any member of the Royal Family, is interested in her opinion. Nor has she any credibility on this topic. She has made packets of money sabotaging the best interest of the average Jane.

  • In reply to jkatze:

    Hi JKatze! And first of all, thanks for reading my blog and for commenting! I'm pretty sure you're right that no one in the Royal Family cares about my opinion, but this being America, I'm certainly entitled to give it. And as for "packets of money"....I only wish this part of your comment were true! :-)

    Have a great day and thanks again for reading my post....:-)))

  • It's fascinating and predictable how an ex-playboy, or any ex-hottie, changes her tune once she's not hot anymore. Had this ex-playboy still been young and hot, she'd be saying just the opposite and coming to the defense of Kate and any woman to go topless wherever and whenever she wants. Now that she can't do this, she takes the opposite view. Fascinating, and predictable.

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