Chicagolicious is a Home Town Hit on the Style Network!

I was so excited to see the premiere of the Style Network’s newest reality show, “Chicagolicious,” in its glorious debut Monday night! I was even more thrilled to find out that my blog and I played such a big role! The show revolved around darling salon owner AJ Johnson and his cute team trying to find a way to be included on my website,!

This West Loop salon has been the go-to place for celebs like Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett and Iman.    Besides AJ, the staff includes Q Lacey (AJ's cousin and director of marketing), Niki Robinson (salon manager), makeup artists Katrell Mendenhall and Austin Maxfield, hair stylists Valincia Saulsberry, Howard Godfrey and MaCray Huff and  publicist Julie Darling.  According to the show's creator and executive producer, Alex Duda, the stories they're following are "real stories."  And I know for a fact that AJ has worked long and hard to achieve national recognition.  I think his dream will become a reality very, very soon!

I first learned of this pilot in February when I was asked to invite some friends to the Stan Mansion for a taping of a fashion show for a segment.  I had no idea it would be for this reality show’s premiere nor did I realize what a big role I would play in the season opener.  I loved this cast and each and every one of them are likeable and lovable, a sure formula for success.  MaCray’s pleas to wear his raccoon tail had me laughing out loud and AJ, along with his entire staff, couldn’t have been cuter not to mention that our town looked fabulicious in every frame!

Here’s what AJ had to say about me and my blog ( on the show: “Candace Jordan is the top diva socialite here in Chicago.  Her blog is read by 10's of thousands of people across the country.  So if we can rock this gala and Candace mentions us in it, then people from coast to coast will know about AJ!  They will be lined up around the building trying to get hair and makeup done!"

Oh, AJ and “Chicagolicious,” how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Thanks SO much for including me and Candid Candace in such a big way!  Love you, love your show, love your adorable cast!

Good luck and I can’t wait to see the next segment!  (Pics by Helena Rafeyan and moi)


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    If Julie Darling is involved in anything, this will fail. Broke jokes aren't "Chicagoliciius"


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