"Success is a Journey" Seminar Inspires Hotel 71 Crowd

The recent  “Success is a Journey” seminar was hosted by JMP Global’s Monika Dixon, Jennifer Christianson and Patrycja Drozdek at Hotel 71.  The room was packed with over 200 guests interested in hearing about the success and personal development of the panelists who included keynote speaker James Tarantino, FanFueled’s Anderson Bell, Boka Group’s Kevin Boehm, fitness expert Andrea Metcalf and moi.    Event founder Monika Dixon said, “Success is not a destination...it is a journey. This understanding comes when something happens in your life that shakes up the very core of your being.  Our panelists discussed what it took and the moment that kept them motivated.  Every time they overcame a challenge that was just beyond their reach of capabilities, it gave them a feeling of worth and of value.  It is then that they realized the next step and found themselves already looking ahead to the next horizon, just beyond their view, but still surrounded by the feelings of accomplishment for the current successes.”

All of the speakers shared amazing stories of their successes and failures and how it changed them as people.  Guests seen on the scene included Kamil Bartoszcze, Chris Foltz, Paul Iacono, Rachel Schwanz, Corinne Meier, Anthony Farinas, Kasia Jarosz, Ryan Beshel, Zoryana Yavorski, Lonnie Rodriguez, Nevsy Zee, Eva Pawlus, Alexandra Wilson, Patrick Meyn, Kara Moore, Patricia Bielecka, Ruth Diaz Fabiny and Nicole Townsend.   To view all of the speakers’ comments, please find their names on YouTube.  (Pics courtesy of Photo Affair Studios).

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