Candid Candace Dishes on the Golden Globes

I thought there were a lot of good looks on the Red Carpet last night but not a lot of great ones.  Here are some of my highlights......

The first stand-out for me was Elle McPherson wearing a pale pink/blush mermaid dress that hugged her statuesque frame perfectly.  But then, she could wear a garbage bag and still look stunning!

I loved Angelina Jolie's red lips that matched her evening bag that matched the slash in her dress but didn't like the way her arms looked like little sticks at the podium.  Kinda scary....

Frida Pinto's Chopard necklace was a real statement and required a bodyguard for the evening.  She said her Prada dress was  "fuss free."

Sofia Vergara looked stunning in her Vera Wang dress but I was tired of her incessant chatter by the end of the evening.  I also thought she should've allowed some of her fellow actors to speak after their win.

Zoey Deschanel's one-of-a-kind Prada looked great but I couldn't figure out her sideburns with her flowing hairstyle.  I did love the little tuxedos painted on her nails though....very cute touch!

Laura Dern's confidence was very noticeable in her green, sparkly Andrew Gn gown.  I loved her hair and the emerald green color was perfect on her.

Elton John screwed up BIG time by announcing to the world that "Madonna doesn't have a f'ing chance on winning."  Even the interviewer gave him a chance to correct his mistake but he didn't take it and continued by saying, "No, I mean it!"  What a fool.

Nicole Richie was one of my favorites.  I loved her elegant hairdo and her silver Julian McDonald dress was stunning and captured the light perfectly on the Red Carpet.  But my favorite thing about her is that she was so very nice to EVERYONE!  She turned all of her compliments back around to the that's the kind of star I can appreciate, beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.

I am only hoping that the feather dress worn by Evan Rachel Wood was from birds who died from natural causes or that the feathers were found all over the ground somewhere and that they were provided with little coats....otherwise, not so good.

Salma Hayek couldn't have looked more fantastic.  She nailed every part of Golden Globes dressing.  I loved her luxurious hair fanned out over the top of her Gucci dress and I loved the fact that she presented with heartthrob Antonio Banderas.  I would love to see them in a lot more films together!  And I thought her gown fit her perfectly, especially over her va-va-voom figure, unlike the too-tight bodice on Madonna.

I thought Tina Fey looked fabulous in the cranberry Oscar de la Renta and loved the fact that she said if her daughter was there, "She would work this carpet bald!"

I didn't like the "old" hairdos on a lot of the younger stars like Claire Danes and Natalie Portman.

Concerning the show overall, I thought Ricky Gervais had been reined in too much to make this show as interesting as I was hoping for.  After all, why hire him if he can't do what he does best....?!  I did love his comment, "The Golden Globes are like the Oscars but without the esteem.  Sort of like what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton."

I loved the fact that Miss Golden Globes was Andie McDowell's gorgeous daughter.

Nicole Kidman was sheer perfection: hair, makeup and perfect gown.

Octavia Spencer ("The Help")  looked smashing in her off-the-shoulder gown and upswept hairdo.  So glad she won....loved her speech too!!

I loved Penelope Ann Miller in Pamella Roland, but then I love ALL things Pamella!  (Her trunk show will be at Neiman's on Jan. 24/25 from noon-3)

And finally, my favorite film, "The Artist", won for Best Picture.  If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and go.  It's like nothing you've ever seen before!

And I loved the shout-out from the Golden Globes by amazing author/actress/Cardinal fan, Jessica Radloff!  See the cute pic below!

What did YOU think?  :-)



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