The Photographer's Party is Loco at Tocco!

Well, it's about time a party idea like this came along!  No one does more for our town's vibrant social life than the photographers so it was very fitting that they should have their very own party, "Photographer's in Chicago",  to celebrate!  Tocco, the dapper Bruno Abate's hot Italian restaurant at 1266 N. Milwaukee, was the scene of much merriment and flashing cameras as over 200 guests glammed it up for their close-ups.

Models Nicole Townsend, Beba Georgieva, Cassandra and Freida Medina donned beautiful gowns by Anna Fong, Borris Powell, Elda de la Rosa and Karol Barrero while  posing behind plexiglass in dramatic performance art stances.  The Steve Biossat Trio provided the perfect backdrop for the plentiful buffet while guests mixed and mingled.  Mr. and Mrs. Photoflash, Enrique Hank Vela and Laura Silva, raffled off a rare 1955 Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera, a very appropriate raffle item for the evening!

Seen on the scene were Maria Aggelopoulou, Jacinto Ariza, Amir Attaie, Manny Bencomo, Cindy Burns, Leah Chavie, Benjamin Cottrell, Paul Iacono, Chakib and Sandy Smith- Doghmi, Shari Duffy, Julianne Glatz, Michelle and Melissa Gomez, Charlie Kam, Maralyn Owen, Andre Pellebon, Carmen Rivera, Arabel Rosales, Corey Sanford, Margaret O'Connor, Mike O'Meara, Joe Black, Julia Jacobs-Sanford, Borris Powell, Elda de la Rosa, Amie Hana, Rashied Matthews, Javier Enriquez, Gary Kahn,  Rich February, Pascal Ibgui, Shaun Rajah, Cece Gonzales, Melinda Joseph, Cheryl Wedell and  Steve Starr among so many others.

Congrats to the Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago chair committee (Steve Starr, Sandra Smith-Doghmi and Javier Enriquez) along with their host committee on a job well done!

Take a look at these fabulous photos courtesy of Helena Rafeyan, Steve Starr, John Rand and moi and you'll feel like you were there!


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    Thanks for the picture, Candace! It was a pleasure meeting you once again!

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