My Number One Holiday Gift Choice for Cubs Fans!

My Number One Holiday Gift Choice for Cubs Fans!

I am happy to say our fearless leader on Chicago Now, Jimmy Greenfield has written a book!  It is, in my opinion, the perfect gift for Cubs fans!

Jimmy has been a longtime Cub's could say fanatic,  so as I delved deeper into the book's description,  I find out that this 300 page book explores the personalities, events and facts that "every Cubs fan should know."

"100 Things Cubs Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die" is packed with crucial info such as important dates,  player nicknames, memorable moments and outstanding achievements by singular players.  There is also a to-do list of Cubs activities which include taking in Wrigley Field, traveling to Arizona for spring training and sipping beers at the best Cubs bars around the country.

The publication date is March 1, 2012.....but I think you should order now while they're still available!

Congrats Jimmy!

No one knows better than you about ALL-THINGS CUBS!


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