World's Largest Online Dating Site Signs Notorious Playmate, Dasha Astafieva, Spokeswoman

She is breathtakingly gorgeous, she is Playboy Magazine's 55th Anniversary Playmate, she was rumored to have been the reason for the break-up of "The Girl's Next Door" when she caught Hef's eye and now Dasha Astafieva  is the spokeswoman for, the world's largest online dating community!

The stunning brunette, who is also the second half of the smoldering hot Russian pop duo, NikitA,  Dasha will be the official representative for this online dating service.    She will be making public appearances on both sides of the Atlantic and will have her own profile on the site and the ability to interact with its more than 80 million online visitors.   Wow! better watch out!  According to their press, boasts a nearly 20% success rate in terms of marriage and long-term relationships.  (Is this good?  I don't know...)

This month marks Dasha's third cover on Russian Playboy......I wonder why?  :-)



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  • I don't give any of these sites identifying information.

    Also, I figure that when on goes to their homepage and they have pictures of 20 people from your town, they are not from your town, but your town's name, as derived from the IP address, is put under 20 pictures.

    Except, of course, these are all Russian and Ukrainian women, so they aren't from my town. Maybe there is a market in that, but probably the same market for discount impotence drugs in spam with a reply address ending in .ru.

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