Don't Know the Sex of the Baby? The Perfect Baby Gift!

Don't Know the Sex of the Baby?  The Perfect Baby Gift!

The Junior League of Chicago celebrated its centennial year with a festive Holiday Market at the Chicago Cultural Center recently.  There were over 40 vendors from across the country displaying their wares at the preview party, "Martinis & Mistletoe."

As I perused the jewelry, home decor, ornaments, hand-made blankets, doggie couture, perfumes, paintings and food offerings, I noticed a large crowd centered around one of the booths.  In the center of the booth was a striking, tall blond speaking with rapid fire enthusiasm about her product that she had created just 15 months ago and was launching in just a couple of days.  Founder Kate Janeczko had previously been an insurance salesman and laughingly said, "this is so much easier since this product sells itself!"

The product is, quite simply, genius.  It is a collection of reversible baby clothes that is redefining the newborn gender neutral market by introducing a line of reversible baby clothing and accessories that are pink on one side and blue on the other.  With over 40% of new parents not learning the sex of their baby until birth, this product has them covered! The name of the company, TWOTARA,  is based on a chameleon-like lizard from New Zealand called the tuatara which changes colors over time.  Since Kate's garments also "change colors" to best serve the parents' needs, the name is a perfect fit.

The brochure describes the collection as an "adorable take-home outfit", "the ideal baby shower gift" and the "perfect hand-me-down".   No need to settle for yellow and green for a baby shower gift.  This collection is fail-proof!

Kate now has TWOTARA  in 50 stores in 11 states.   Sheer genius.....:-)


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  • Great idea.

  • Agreed! Fantastic idea!

  • Does she have these in adult sizes?

    Always looking for high quality union suits. Footed ones are a big plus.

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